Saturday, October 30, 2004

Last Minute...

So it's Friday night with no new movies out, what's the best thing to do? Absolutely nothing, but at 5 a.m. we decided Walmart would be open for last minute Halloween costume shopping... I ended up buying an afro wig .. it looked perfectly fine on the packaging but when we got home, I had to try it on .. got it out, wore it.. it looked like Michael Jackson's hair before it caught fire, all curled up and super shiny .. hehe .. what do you expect from a $5.88 wig .. so I'll probably be wearing it Sunday night and scaring the hell out of bar hoppers, i mean trick-or-treaters...

Friday, October 29, 2004

Shall We Dance?

Drama, Musical/Performing Arts and Romance 1 hr. 35 min. An overworked Chicago accountant (Gere), tired of the boring routine that his life has become, sees a beautiful dance teacher (Lopez) through a window and decides to start taking lessons from her in order to get to know her better, and as the joy of dancing enters his life, he discovers that it might just be the secret to saving his troubled marriage. As the accountant's skill as a dancer improves, he eventually signs up for the Chicago Crystal Ball Dance Competition. Will he win? ( So what did I think of the movie? Certainly not Academy Award material but a light-hearted movie released at a time when there's nothing better played. It's really a chick-flick. Though I kept wondering if they really needed Susan Sarandon in that role, anyone could've done it. Susan, is better than acting in these small meaningless roles, it adds nothing to her career. As for Jennifer Lopez, her ass fills the screen no worries about that, though she seemed a bit cold to me in that role. Richard Gere, the ladies man, is still a charming guy. Overall, I walked out of the theater considering ballroom dance classes as my new thing and I would watch this movie again (I already watched it twice) but not anytime soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kuwaiti Dramas...

So in the spirit of Ramadan .. I've been watching a couple of Kuwaiti dramas - actually two - and came up with a little list of the supposed to be up-coming "hip" phrases that according to actors, writers, directors and producers of these dramas would catch on and become the new "ay shay" and "aham shay" .. so I've rated them on a scale of "okay I can live with you saying that" to "obnoxiously ugly I never want to hear that word ever again for the rest of my life!" so... 1) "waaaay inta/intay!!" 2) "Alo bibi .. bleaze momkin asawwi halaga barty?" -- okay so her fake voice is freakin' fugly, but I can understand why some people can't distinguish between the b and p sounds .. as for the halaga barty who does that twice and gets away with it? 3) "ya rabbi eshkether a3ani" -- I don't know why but it sounds linguistically challenged 4) "sabanekh, sabnekhni, sabnookh " -- don't even go there, it's so low you don't even want to dig that deep, don't even contemplate on saying that word EVER! anymore stuff I missed?

Another Campaigner...

A video by Eminem, the latest to join the campaign against Bush... Another interesting thing are those republicans (I'm saying those because they're a minority where I'm at .. my state is certainly democrat) you find around campus doing little skits of the current political situations. One guy had a perfect nasfa .. I wonder how he mastered it so well when a lot of the young Kuwaiti guys I know can't even move their heads without moving their entire torso while wearing the qetra/chmaq...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My First Attempt

This is my first attempt at starting a blog, I started one before this but deleted it, so officially this is my 1st. I'll try on keeping up with the rest of you Kuwaiti bloggers. I'm not a writer and I thank God that I know it, so don't expect anything special of that sort. I live by the day so I'll see where blogging takes me :)

Ramadan Abroad

I miss being in Kuwait for it yes I fast :) as I know a lot of people abroad don't even bother *wink*wink* So maybe I'd share with you some of my preperations for the holy month - to make me feel like I'm close to home - even though we're almost half way through. First I had to go through the 40 day hibernation period, then had to wait for the "Ramadan package" (dates and real tea) to arrive from Kuwait. Luckily mine wasn't held at customs. Just as Ramadan starts, I start searching for all them cheesey soap operas online. Luckily most of them are on the NUKS website; there's also Q8Go. So now that I got my TV fix, I gotta think about where to eat fotoor. Cooking is out of the question. The last time I tried making eggs, the fire alarm started and I didn't know how to stop that thing. We don't have such technologies in Kuwait :/ After fotoor, my friends usually do some school work and I start on procrastinating and thinking about the what ifs ... If I haven't transferred to the States, I will almost be done with school and enjoying a home-cooked meal at the same time ... Okay so that's the only if I could think of right now but I'm sure there's more.... or maybe because I'm hungry so all I can think of is food .. hmmm ... what shall I have for fotoor today?

View from The Water Club roof lounge. San Juan, PR

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