Tuesday, March 29, 2005


last night was the season finale .. it's a great show produced by HBO .. all the shows produced by HBO are fabulous (SATC, Oz, Entourage, Sopranos, etc.) .. only this one is creepy fab .. anyways i expected season two to be the end of the series but HELL NO (thank god) .. there seems to be a third season in production (lucky me).. i've been an avid follower of this show since the first episode of season one .. i always made sure to catch an episode either on hbo2 or on-demand-tv.. i recommend everyone to get the dvd and start watching.. i have a question going on in my mind for anyone that watched the last episode .. how did Sophie get the healing powers? was it because she shot Jonesy? slept with Ben? or realized that Brother Justin was her father? will Ben be the next 'Management'? only season three can tell and i can't wait .. i should start a new countdown .. but i don't know when's the premiere of the first episode of the third season.. i just realized how this show symbolizes our kuwaiti society .. with all the events of fundamentalists against normal people .. using religion to attract uneducated lost souls for a "hidden agenda" while the carnivale troop is trying to fight such madness.. a real must see

Friday, March 25, 2005


i was really impressed when the nike shox came out 4 years ago .. u know those shoes with springs..

now adidas came up with the adidas_1 that can think for itself and automatically adjust its cushoning according to the turf you're on .. and for $250 you can have one .. how cool is that!

what would you do..

you pick up your daily newspaper and find the following full page advertisement.. what would you think? what will happen? who would you think is behind it? will you go out and see what'll happen (even if you don't live in those areas)?

Monday, March 21, 2005

spring break..

just got back from spring break in Acapulco .. being a famous destination for spring breakers I witnessed first handedly how stupidly foolish spring breakers can be .. beer chugging contests? wet t-shirt contests that turn into strip/lap dances? booty shaking contest with the whitest palest asses being flashed? all for the sake of winning a bottle of cheap tequila ..it may be the alcohol speaking .. don't get me wrong .. I didn't mind it .. it was a good laugh but what made me think the most is how can the participants justify such public actions? what if a video surfaced one day and fell in the hands of their boss's or whomever.. anyhoos it was a well deserved vacation .. I think I need a vacation of doing nothing from the vacation .. saw the famous cliff divers .. they're crazy .. the most enjoyable part was watching them climb the cliff without any kind of harness or support .. and they did it so fast if I timed the climb it would be less than a minute .. they looked like spiders the clubs were some of the best I've seen or been too .. the music pumping the lights glowing and the drinks flowing .. one club even had a bar in the toilets.. the highlight of my trip was bungee jumping from 143 feet .. it was my first jump and an exhilarating experience .. I was this close to backing out of it when I stood on the edge and looked down .. but thank god the guy that fastened the harness wouldn't let me .. I had no where to go but jump so I scream my heart out .. I never heard myself scream that much or that way as a matter of fact .. when I was done I stared laughing hysterically for a minute or two .. the only thing I regret was not touching the water .. I’m a little bit disappointed though I expected to get a bigger adrenaline rush otherwise I would love to do it again maybe from a higher tower.. I wanted to go scuba but my ear decided to be blocked that day I guess from all the loud music from the nights before.. I don't think I missed anything .. I was looking forward to see a submerged statue of Guadeloupe .. and from the pictures I saw it wasn't that big.. maybe on another trip.. oh and those funky white and blue VW Beatle cabs .. all pimped out with chrome hub caps (I guess they can't afford the real thing) and spinners, colorful neon lights inside and outside the car and sound systems that never stop pumping techno and trance .. feels like a little cramped club inside.. last but not least the most important part .. the beaches .. they were nothing special but just laying there baking under the SUN .. mind u I couldn't take more than 3 days on the beach and I was done .. fried and tanned as hell .. I could even pass for a sista.. everything went well except that one of my friends got pocket picked on her way to church .. how ironic.. a word of advice to anyone travelling to these tourist packed areas learn spanish really well or travel with someone that speaks the language .. chances are you will robbed a.k.a 'nasb we7teyal' and now back to the cold and sunless days hoping that I won’t peel and lose my tan and that it'll get warmer in the coming days.. listening to damien rice - volcano *sorry mark i couldn't go to the asimo exhibition was too busy packing *some pix from my trip with more to come as soon as i develop the the films

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

what a coincidence..

i was complaining about how i haven't seen the sun in the past 5 days .. i went to class and the weather was gloomy .. as soon as my class is over and i leave the building .. there it was waiting for me .. the perfect weather .. a -3C with a warm bright sun and a blue ski ..
the other day Mark was talking about asimo .. and as i was walking through campus i see this truck with asimo pictures on it .. i took a shot of it with my crappy mobile camera ..
they're setting up the exhibition as i'm typing.. the exhibition starts thursday .. i'll take real pictures when i visit..

Sunday, March 06, 2005


what would one day of protesting do for a vote that is two weeks away? is this all we can do? is it enough to tip the balance? i just wonder how serious people are about the cause? but again what do i know..