Monday, May 30, 2005

game update..

just like i predicted england won 2-1 i should never have trusted someone with buying me tickets .. the seats were so crap someone could've gotten a nose bleed.. the two players that i wanted to see where not there but cole and campbell were.. the u.s. players were either too slow or the english players were too fast.. the english fans are amazing and chanted throughout the game .. english flags were dominating the field .. i only saw the u.s. flag twice .. once at the entrance and another time when the u.s. scored .. note that the game was played in chicago.. the most fascinating scene was when throngs of people were walking out of the field 47,000 of them crossing lake shore drive..
we decided to stay the night in chicago but hotel occupancy in downtown chicago was 100% we couldn't find a single room for a single night .. we called every single hotel .. nothing it wasn't possibly the game's fault .. we were told is that there's a convention going on .. but what kind of convention would fill up all the city's hotels .. we guessed it was the star wars convention .. but we yet have to see a person dressed up in a star wars costume .. with further investigation we found out it was the gay and lesbian leather convention .. kinky stuff .. but what the hell .. everything's possible .. not to forget memorial weekend .. three events combined can sell out a major city's entire hotel occupancy.. we settled for a hotel 15 minutes away from downtown..

Saturday, May 28, 2005

go lions..

i'll spare you the yakking i'm going to the england vs. usa game .. now if you're interested .. read on i've never been to a football game before .. you know as in what the rest of the world call football but only known as soccer in the states .. anyways ever since the huge craze of women and kids going to games in kuwait i was turned off by the whole thing .. i know it must have been fun and all but it's just i don't know not my scene? maybe? probably? .. it was way over hyped in kuwait .. it became the place to be seen .. meeting long lost friends that you haven't seen since high school and you only graduated two years ago .. spare me the drama .. so i wasn't interested in the games of khaleeji "ta3ash" it's not like i was missing the world cup title .. i was satisfied with knowing the results at the end of the game .. no tension no headaches no sore throats.. but today is different .. today i'm going to a world class football match .. i don't know why but i feel weird saying football .. it's like i know i mean football the one kicked and everyone following as in soccer but another part of me is screaming football is touchdown 3 down 1 to go pass not complete blah blah blah.. accepting bets now.. i'm betting on england 2-1 not to be a total hypocrite i really want to see beckham and owen play today i hope they're playing..

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

it's time..

most common phrases from the past couple of days..

  • i'm sure i will see you soon..
  • you will come back, won't you..
  • may our paths cross again..
  • you will be dearly missed..
  • and congratulations again and again..
  • have a safe flight..
  • goodbye..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

fold & repeat..

toomi i lied .. i did find something to post about all i had to do was think :P i can be really messy like messy to the point where almost all my wardrobe is on the floor and i have to step on it to get to bed .. yet i'm very anal about the color organization of my clothes .. my shirts have to be organized according to color and they have to be hanged facing the right .. the other day i had a cleaning lady come in and she hanged all the clothes on the floor in the most annoying way ever .. my winter sweaters with my summer shirts, belts still on jeans, she even hanged my t-shirts! who hangs t-shirts!! and they were facing all over, left, right ekh it sucked .. so i got all the stuff she hanged out and threw them back to the floor in hopes of getting the "mood" to hang them/fold them up properly :> organization mood i'm waiting please hit me soon.. it's been 8 days since the cleaning lady and the heap on the floor is still growing.. oh and i have a shirt hanging in the bathroom absorbing all the steam so i don't have to iron it .. i don't think it's working (i got that supposed-to-work trick from queer eye on bravo, don't you just love that show!)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

10 days of bliss and celebration..

Friday, May 06, 2005

one to go..

yes it's 05/05/05 .. what's the big deal it's not like you're in mexico celebrating! it's not even that big of a deal in mexico.. anyways 3 down 1 to go..

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

another day..

i was supposed to get up early (yeah right) and study for today's test .. barely finished studying on time .. i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that i passed this semester's math .. i really want to get it over with .. i never hated math or numbers this much in my life .. i got a couple of money laundering emails today .. i read one of them it was from some overthrown nigerian leader's son .. whatever.. i'm back home waiting for dinner .. as i'm waiting i decided to browse through hi5 .. i never did that before .. thanx tata for showing me how .. i'm browsing through guys' profiles from kuwait .. and i found some really wierd and disturbing people out there .. one guy loved running over stray cats and watching mutilation videos!! another guy was interested in vampires?! one guy offered 'sensual massages' for a fee and he's proud to offer other things as well .. he also has some local porn pix that i never thought i'll see in a hundred years?! a couple of others actually a whole bunch of them are pumped on steroids pausing for a camera .. there were really few guys who wore the qetra .. the majority were most likely to be posers pretending to be ghetto tough 'rabbers' and what not .. all that and i'm still on page 160 of 665 .. a lot of time on my hands and i don't have another test till after tomorrow.. plus i was bored so i'm excused..

Sunday, May 01, 2005

childhood memories..

During the invasion, the Kuwaitis gathered at Safir al Zamalik in Cairo, it was the place to be I guess. I was like 7 or 8 years old back then. They used to have this playground with swings, slides, monkey bars and what not, but the hotel administration had it locked up so no one could go and play there. The playground and the rest of the hotel were separated with one of those aluminum gates that were so frail (only if we were big enough back then we could've brought it down). Some kids got really pissed and started stacking plastic chairs, using them as a ladder to climb the wall separating the hotel and the Indian Embassy, then walked a few steps and jumped down on the other side of the gate to get into the playground. So my cousin climbs before me, he waits for me and tells me to be careful. I climb cautiously and yess finally I’m almost there, I stand up on the walls separating the embassy and the hotel and what do I know? I lose balance and fall... Only I fell on the wrong side, I fell in the embassy's side! I remember it was a long fall or so I thought. I got scratched by a couple of tree branches and then SPLAT! I landed right there on my stomach; it hurt so much I couldn't breathe, I felt like throwing up. But wait, no I couldn't! What if the alarms and sirens sound off! What if I was chased by a dog (my worst nightmare)! I start thinking of scenarios of what would happen to me, so I get up and start running, running as fast as I can. Damn they had a huge lawn. I run and I run till I get to the gate and it was open! Only it's blocked by the guard! Fortunately enough, he was facing the other direction so I slipped right behind him, I was really disoriented I didn't know where to go, so I started crying and telling him that I was lost and needed to get back. The poor guy, God bless his soul, takes me to the hotel which was next door without asking me any questions. I some how managed to find my mom in the car waiting for us (me and my brother). I get in and notice the blood on my leg there was a little twig stuck there I pulled it out and told my mom what happened to me. I don't remember her reaction. I still have the scar and every time I look at it I can't help but laugh at how stupid we were back then, jumping walls to get to a playground!!