Saturday, July 30, 2005

kamant shaseeb

oh yeah blogging .. i have one so i should update .. it's been 4 days since my last update *gasp* oh my! ======== the other day i couldn't sleep so to bore myself to sleep i resorted to looking for towns with middle eastern names in the states and these were my results: lebanon: 29 palestine: 7 morocco: 1 cairo: 8 alexandria: 16 tripoli: 3 damascus: 6 luxor: 1 jerusalem: 2 if you heard of more please feel free to share.. ======== msning and watching tv .. watching jay leno specifically .. the funniest thing he said tonight was: "cadillac came up with a new line of bicycles" laughter "who're they making them for?!" laughter (i think) "pimps on a budget!" here's the link ..thanx tata nothing creative porsche and mercedes already have bike lines.. ======== yeah what else .. nothing .. yalla till the next post.. p.s. melody/monaco will u please make up ur mind!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

what mess?

thank you W for tagging me again.. well at least i don't have to answer any questions.. but as you know i'm a neat freak .. everything has to be piled up the right way in the right angle and and all that jazz (if you happen to know me personally and you're actually reading this please keep any misleading information to yourself) so i'm sorry but i have no pictures of messiness to share.. but just like i promised i'll show u some once i get back home.. oh and i tag anyone that bothered to read this post .. all you have to do is post a picture of ur mess :> how easy can tagging be ee walla

Sunday, July 24, 2005

thank god for laziness

Thursday, July 21, 2005

whatever makes you happier..

so just like i promised .. more out of place stuff
أول شي أهني شعب دول الخليج العربي على انتشار الكوزين الأصلي مالهم إلى دول الجوار اللي خلاهم يتسابقون على الأسامي ذات صلة بالخليج .. وعليه مساكين مو ملحقين
ولأن الابداع وصل حده وخلصت الأسامي أقدم لكم أول نمونه : مطعم الخليج للمندي
ودي أعرف بس شنو زربيان؟ اللي يقولي أطرشله ماعون إذا كان ينحط بماعون أصلا
وطبعا اللي مشتهي نخي وباجللا فلا يضيق خلقه لأن مطعم جون الكويت بالخدمة
ولتلطيف الجو فقد تم إنشاء جلسة ديوانية بالمطعم على أحدث المواصفات الخليجية
ولأنه مطعم خليجي فيسمح لمرتادي المطعم الحضور بدشداشة النوم خصوصا في الصباح حيث البوفيه المفتوح من باجة وكراعين
وما أقول اللا مالت على اللي عطاكم ويه وقالكم حياكم الله في ديرتكم الثانية لبنان لأنكم مو ويه سفر خلكم بديرتكم أبركلكم وأبرك لنا

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

whatever makes you happy..

ok i've known kuwaitis to love being comfortable where ever they are .. some take their tea kettles some take bukhour and fa7am while others take their tents! and not just any tent! a bait sha3ar kind of tent!
(click to zoom in if you don't believe me!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

school of rock!

it's on tv and i ran out of shisma.. anyways.. i was at a drilling competition .. as in industrial stuff and shit .. i was in the passenger's seat eating dunkin donuts and drinking coffee .. taking a huge bite and a larger sip after it trying to imitate the dipping effect! (allah ehadach Sheba and your chay 7aleeb) .. i don't like coffee but this tasted sweet i was impressed so i do it again .. the car i was in is an old chevy caprice classic you know the one that looks like safeenat noo7 i think an '87 model .. the interior was maroon velvet.. then suddenly the engine dies down .. don't ask me why but that engine was connected to the drill or dredge or whatever it's called.. so the old guy with me, pale, white hair, blue cowboys shirt, rolled up sleeves, wrangler jeans and a golden buckled brown belt, brown worn out boots and a john deer truckers hat :/ he went to the audience benches and started collecting empty pop corn buckets and coke cups .. but he couldn't find any empty ones.. suddenly my cousin pops out and offers her pop corn bucket but she has to finish it first .. so she eats the pop corn as fast as possible and gave the old man the empty bucket.. he took it and started looking for a coke cup .. found an almost empty one and just snatched it.. suddenly we're in walmart late at night .. i was at the vegetable and fruits display .. bagging fresh almonds .. i saw my aunt whom just lost a husband with her daughter .. and my other aunt and her daughter they were all dressed in 3abayas and shela's but with out their make up.. they didn't look sad or anything just wearing black.. then the old white haired guy passes by and i follow him to the only open cash register .. he was pushing a cart with the pop corn bucket and not completely coke cup and an empty glass jar .. i barely catch up to him at the cash register and ask if he needs any help he says no and pulls out a wad of money and pulls a $20 bill to pay for the used buckets!? huh?! anyways i offer my help and he refuses .. so i go back to my vegetables.. i see my aunts again only this time they looked as if they were crying .. i was worried i asked them what's wrong with them .. they didn't answer me .. i asked my cousin what's wrong she said my other cousin went to Jerusalem and stepped on a land mine! again what the hell?! she continued sobbing but he's not dead only something happened to his hair?! i've had weird dreams before .. only this is one of the few that i remember .. plus i just woke up so it's still fresh and i decided to write it down .. maybe someone can tell me if it means anything...

Monday, July 18, 2005

only it's marialitz this time..

yaaaiy i've been invited to contribute to this blog .. lol .. of course i'm no shit as a writer .. and i keep hearing a voice in my head saying you've just been invited because u can tweak a few settings .. hehe .. nevermind .. i'm glad i was invited .. i don't need to introduce anyone .. for her pieces speak for themselves .. a young sophisticated excellent writer .. or that's what she tricked me into believing :P i've been trying to convince her to publicize the blog but she keeps refusing .. a bit shy maybe? i guess i'll be there for technical support and maybe a bit of shameless advertising even though that's her specialty! nonetheless .. enjoy :>

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

just got tagged .. again!

thanx NuNu for tagging me :> 1. What does 'love' mean to you? when u can't stop thinking about someone .. or is that lust?! .. seriously madre 2. What does "marriage" mean to you? long term pain in the arse (kind of) 3. Do you believe in 'love at first sight? hell no 4. How many children would you like? two 5. If given the opportunity, what is that one song you would sing for me on wedding day? me singing in public?! yeah dream on but i'd rather hire a string orchestra with lots and lots of violin players.. 6. What is your favorite holiday destination? somewhere with a beach and a fabulous night life 7. What are three qualities you would look for in man? funny, caring, and remembers my birthday, our anniversary, and every other important day to me 8. What are the three qualities and three bad habits that you have? Qualities: madre i should ask someone that knows me .. but i help people and i tend to smile a lot .. maybe i should get a job at walmart Bad habits: rather sleep than go to class, quiet, frowning which contradicts my smiling habit 9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? on a colorist's chair dying my white hairs yalla W. show us what you think cause you've just been taaagged!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


blogging from kuwait is just not the same.. there's not much to do in kuwait but meet your friends and eat or go to the beach which i haven't been getting much of thanks to my ears.. it has been a week since it got blocked with no improvement what so ever .. i just hope it'll pop open by thursday .. i'm seeing a specialist tomorrow.. leaving for summer vacation in a week .. haven't been on summer vacation for 2 years .. i've been enjoying my summers working.. haven't had enough of kuwait .. only been here for 3 weeks and the first week doesn't even count .. but i'll be back and won't leave till january.. i've been contemplating on whether to have a "desperate housewives" marathon now or wait till i get to my destination since there's not much to do there either..

Sunday, July 03, 2005

falafil makes you stronger...

went to war of the worlds .. nothing special just your ordinary summer flick .. they censored one word that probably had something to do with religion that meant "دمار" .. i know because that's what they had in the subtitles.. or did kncc start censoring cuss words? it's funny how people left the theater quietly .. not a lot of people were talking maybe they were thinking for a change.. ========= am i turning to one of those people that add salt to everything they eat or are the burgers at burger boutique bland and taste like nothing? microwaved white castle burgers have more flavor.. esh7agga il za7ma madre?!
على طاري الأكل الأسبوع اللي فات أول ما وصلت بالليل اسالوني شنو مشتهية تاكلين
الأوادم عادة لما يردون من غربة يشتهون مجابيس مرق وهالسوالف
أنا اشتهيت فلافل وياريتني ما قلت فلافل
من ثاني يوم الصبح ريوقي صمون فلافل بطاط وطحينة .. تمام
الغدا مجبوس دياي وهريس و حاطينلي صحن فلافل سبيشل اوردر يدتي موصية عليه
العشا رحت بيت بنت خالتي ها عشا يلا ييباو شييبون؟
فلافل طبعا
جد ما سوت علي .. طلع من نخاشيش خشمي
وعقب يومين أروح يمعة بيت خالتي ولا حاطين مع العشا فلافل والمشكلة اني هديت كل شي ورحت آكل فلافل
مشكلة هالفلافل بس اشوه مو فول معنهم من نفس الفصيلة