Wednesday, September 28, 2005

why ..

a couple of months ago, a movie called "fever pitch" was released in the states staring drew barrymore and jimmy fallon, an okay movie, a typical chick flick with a sports theme to maybe attract a couple of baseball fans.. at least it documented the red sox breaking the curse and winning the world series... anyways, this weekend it's going to play in kuwait cinemas under the name of "the perfect catch" ?! السؤال: ليييييييييييييييييييييييش تغير الأسم؟
update: it seems that people outside the states are ignorant to the point where they don't know what baseball is .. therefore, the name of the movie which contains the word "pitch" (a term reserved for baseball only) was changed to a more familiar and acceptable "perfect catch" ..

Monday, September 26, 2005

صخلة الفريج ماتحب إلا التيس الغريب

يا كره مشية البنات بجامعة الكويت الواحد على ما يوصل المكان اللي يبيه وهو يمشي وراهم تطلعله قرون .. على ما كل وحده تتشحطط وتتقلب وتتعلج وتسولف وين ولبهه تمشي ..
ياالله الجدوة (حلوة الجدوة كلمة يدتي يعني القدوة يمكن مادري) المهم..
أنا اللي عادة نفسي مشيتي بطيئه كل من يشخطني بالجامعة بأمريكا وهني أسبقهم..
شفت واحد حاط فروة خروف على كشن سيارته يتني القمته! حرررر بس عل أقل بالظل يترقع
درس اليوم: بخلي السايق يوصلني الجامعة من اليوم ورايح .. معدل وقت الحصول على موقف حتى لو في قلعة وادرين 45 دقيقة ..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

tagged by catch-22...

Last book you read: eleven minutes Last phone number you called: my friend Last show you watched on TV: entourage season 2 Last thing you had to drink: cocktail juice Last thing you ate: msa77ab with lemon, potato and pickles Last time you cried: monday night Last time you smiled: a few minutes ago Last person you hugged: my friend at her brother's funeral Last person you talked to on the phone: my friend Last thing you smelled: imsha33al Last CD that you bought: John Legend's Get Lifted Last song you sang: Nancy Ajram - Enta Aih Last thing you laughed at: teaching my friends the "eshda3wa 3alaich" phrase and shouting it after every other sentence What's in your cd player: i don't use one anymore .. mp3 players all the way What time did you wake up today: 5:55 AM Current favorite article of clothing: ripped up jeans and moccasins Favorite place to be: culebra, pr Least favorite place: marina mall Do you believe in an afterlife? not sure In Heaven or Hell: heaven if it exists How tall are you: 5'3" Current favorite word: eshda3wa 3alaaaaaich Favorite Book: bergdorf blondes Random lyric: i think i'm jealous of your girlfriend Something I want but I don't really need is: a new car Something I need but I don't really want is: madre .. nothing i guess *do you...* drink?: doesn't everyone? have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no have a dream that keeps coming back? never believe there is life on other planets? nope read the newspaper? occasionally consider yourself tolerant of others? jiddan consider police a friend or foe? a friend i guess by now everyone's been 'it' so i don't need to tag anyone

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

some people tend to be really funny when they're miserable... and i'm losing the rhythm in georhythm...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

let's hug it out, bitch..

i've been pimping out this show since ever .. i finally got to watch season 2 and i can't wait for season three to premiere.. i've said it before and i'm saying it again Entourage has to be one of the best TV shows ever.. so get your hands on a copy of Entourage's 1st season now and if you can't wait for season 2 to come out on dvd just bittorent it :> way to go copyrights

Saturday, September 10, 2005


صارلي اربع سنين مو طابة الرياض بس لاحظت انه الناس والشباب خاصة اللي بالسوق والشوارع ما قاموا يلحقون ويغازلون نفس قبل سوالف أي شي لونة أسود ينلحق معنه كان ويك اند.. يا انه البلوتوث لاعب لعب أو انه صار اكتفاء ذاتي من كثر مايشوفون قنوات الفيديو كليب .. الله يتمم عليهم
وهم هل المرة أول مرة أشوف السعوديات بالسعودية بدون النقاب والخماشير الثانية اللي مغطية وجوهم (الله يعافي دور الحريم بمجمع المملكة) ..ز
أصلا جنهم صايرين أقل حشارة لأن محد قالنا تغطوا لأن طرحة مو حاطين على روسنا وحتى المطاوعة ملوت النهي عن المنكر ما شفتهم .. شكلهم عقب عشر سنين بقطون العبايات لأن صج يقمتون على القلب الله لا يبلينه
صج اني رحت ويك اند بس يبيلي أربع سنين ثانية عشان ارد وألبس عباية واطلع فيها

+ aramex please pick up your phones!

+ ipod nano rocks i'm definitely getting one..
+ email forwards are getting lamer by the day..