Sunday, November 27, 2005


My mom brought to my attention an article in today’s Al-Qabas by Ahmed Al-Sarraf about first aiding a stroke victim by using a Chinese needle therapy technique to lessen the effects of the stroke. It sounded too good to be true so I naturally googled it like I google everything else, especially since the author didn’t mention his sources.

An urban legends website refuted the theory.

I really liked the idea but in reality who’s going to remember where he kept a sterilized needle in the case of a stroke occurring in front of him.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

arrested development..

stupidity and lameness always annoyed the hell our of me .. and whenever anyone recommended 'arrested development' i would just diss the show even though i only saw snippets of it whenever it was on fox or paramount .. anyways so in an act of desperation i ordered the 2 seasons on dvd from amazon and i actually finished them in 3 days .. the verdict: hilarious! a must watch especially when bored .. my favorite scene(s): when gob* taunts anyone with his chicken act "kkokokokokokoooo" P.S. the way most non-arabs clap is funny..

Sunday, November 20, 2005

news flash for the bored and hungry..

McDonald's fans out there rejoice cause the Big N' Tasty is finally in Kuwait ..
so visit the closest 24 hour McD for a bite..
All we need now in Kuwait is the chicken select with barbecue chipotle sauce.. P.S. will not be held responsible for any damages incurred

Saturday, November 19, 2005

keep it going..

people in kuwait (and everywhere else as a matter of fact) seem to be hypnotised by cheap furniture made out of mdf and wood chips... is it too much to ask for a rain free week in this gorgeous weather... men if you decide to wear a winter dishdasha please refrain from wearing sandals and wear shoes WITH socks! seriously sandals and wool don't go together very well...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

because i love the sun...

everyone seems to be enjoying the rain but i just can't swallow it and move on .. it depresses me and i usually end up staying indoors waiting for it to stop .. so here are some of my reasons..

i hate the rain because..

  1. my jeans soak all the water from the ground
  2. i can't wear some of my shoes (they're made from fabric)
  3. it confuses me, it gets too humid, therefore it's not cold and it's not warm (شلبس؟)
  4. makes my car dirty
  5. i can barely see when i drive
  6. i have to drive slowly
  7. it fills up uneven ground and i end up (وبكل ثقة) stepping in a puddle
  8. i can't carry an umbrella, car keys, mobile and books at the same time

today's song: planet funk - chase the SUN

Monday, November 14, 2005

food that tastes better when served the next day a.k.a left overs

  • waraq 3enab/dolma
  • marag bamya
  • pizza (especially cold)
  • harees/yereesh
  • koshari
  • makarona bil bashamel malat khalti
  • immawash

Saturday, November 12, 2005


i couldn't help myself from laughing at a 26 year old that sent a letter to the foziya drai3's show on al rai tv .. stating her fear in contracting AIDS and having deformed kids because she masturbates.. the ignorance of some people.. الله يساعدنا

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

hit me!

whats wrong with me! i used to be the queen of staying up late and sleeping in the morning/noon .. for the past 3 days i've been sleeping earlier each night .. SUCKS big time.. i need to have triple shots of espresso today or my weekend's gonna be ruined..

Sunday, November 06, 2005

فضايح قومٍ عند قومٍ طرائف

title مليق bas i couldn't help it.. yeah so some people have emergencies and the only way to fix them or try to is through writing notes to someone that can (they don't happen to see him often enough) .. and notes like these just crack me up..

and it's not disgusting so get over it..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

على شينكم قواة عينكم

ديرة ماشية على البركة
من كبيرهم لي صغيرهم
صج ليه قالوا ديرة بطيخ
تسأل عن شيء واحد يقطك على الثاني
واللي يحر انه الصغار يرقعون حق الكبار أو بالأحرى يكذبونلهم
وعـــيــــــدكــم مبــــــــــــــارك