Tuesday, January 31, 2006

geo the cook...

inspired by jelly belly's turkey a while ago .. and with my roommate's constant nagging of wishing to have a home cooked meal .. i decided to take a risk and enter the kitchen ... and maybe take a couple of people down with me.. hehehee i came out with four dishes! please note that they were made from scratch ('cept the dessert) by non other than moi aand that i never cooked these dishes before... sunday's menu consisted of: roasted chicken and veggies potato gratin virgin penne a la vodka aaaand most importantly chocolate fudge brownies.. extra's made by friends and brought over for our feast as a gesture of kindness: chicken machboos saltenas (a bolivian, slightly sweet chicken pastry, pronounced sal-ten-yaas) chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. I unskinned a freakin' chicken for the first and last time ever! i couldn't go through with the gutting though .. made the roomie do it .. sooooo not my cup of tea.. i don't recommend it to anyone .. during the process i was seriously contemplating becoming a vegetarian .. thank GOD for cooks.. i forogt to take pictures of the process since i was too busy chopping, cutting, scrubbing, gutting, and even skinning! then cleaning up .. but managed to take a couple of shots of the aftermath..

the food was great.. no one got poisoned..

therefore it was a success :>

Friday, January 27, 2006


i think i mentioned it before, i don't know .. but arabic music always sounds better when you're away from home.. anyways the other day i walked through borders to go to panera (very helpful shortcut) and on my way back stopped by the magazine stands and a magazine called bitch caught my attention so i picked it up .. i really didn't go through it, but the inside pages were black and white, filled with text, barely any pictures .. so i decided to buy it to check it out at home .. the magazine's catch phrase was "funniest response to pop culture" or so i thought .. a couple of days later i remembered that i have a magazine laying around so i started flipping through it .. i saw a couple of female oriented ads (which were disgusting btw) that didn't really register .. i go back to the cover to check for clues and the catch phrase suddenly became "feminist response to pop culture" owwwkaaaaay .. it all makes sense now .. a feminist periodical .. how interesting.. yeah so i continue reading.. the articles were enjoyable and made sense but some readers' letters really sounded like tree-huggers' responses.. so are all feminists tree-huggers? not the point.. i'm sticking to my mental_floss mags from now on...

Monday, January 23, 2006

can't get over it..

i just finished my first ever sudoko! in 12:05 minutes; i think it's a decent score for a first time.. plus it's easier to do it online than on paper
the right to get ur underwear strip searched in a US airport.. careful of how much information you reveal to the person on the counter even if you hid ur passport and showed them a state id..
my favorite kind of cheese found at a local grocery store for $5.39! what a rip off! الله يرحم أيام الخبزة بعشرين فلس و قلاص الجبن بربع دينار وان كثر وكشخ ستمية فلس
yeah and I can't seem to get over the idea that the entire country was shut down for 3 whole days!

Friday, January 20, 2006

highlights from last week..

- got my visa and ticket on the same day - left the next morning - sent the driver to the co-op at 11:00pm to get me jibin glass (cream cheese) - had to lessen the weight of my luggage by randomly throwing stuff in a box in the middle of the airport - almost missed my flight twice - skipped lines - ran through heathrow like a mad woman - went grocery shopping only to find almost the exact brand of jibin glass in the gourmet section! who knew! in the middle of no where! hehe - finally got to wear a coat and scarf - it snowed 3 days ago - now it's as warm as kuwait; but it will change - got a cable connection - downloading all the tv shows i missed .. teehee - no more begging for episodes .. heehee - downloaded the 3rd season of arrested development in like less than 2 hours and now i'm getting ready to go to memoirs of a geisha

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dream Machine..

last week's been hell on me but a surprise visit from a friend really made a differance even though it was for less than 2 days .. had an A-maaaazing time.. it just makes you appreciate the "truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget" saying a little bit more.. thank you gina :* === o 3eedkom imbarak o ayamkom sa3eeda .. even though the 3eed's almost over === today's song: mark farina feat. sean hayes - dream machine (downtempo mix)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

...حالة كسيفة

i can't sleep been stalking dhl website's all night .. i can see that my package's on the delivery truck .. it's been on it since 8:19am .. it's freakin' 10:05am and it's still not here i'll probably come out with 3 more white hairs by the end of this week .. i already got 2 annoying zits .. one of them won't even pop i tried .. it started to bleed but still won't pop! i can't stop bitching about how stressed i am .. someone's going to shoot me other than all the things i have to get done before i leave .. i still have social obligations .. the shitty thing is that each group belongs to a different circle why can't they all be in one is waaay beyond me .. i'm not even going to try .. maybe some other time but not now.. and whomever said that bitching on blogger helps .. LIED! update: package arrived safely at 11:35am

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


كأن الخبز اللبناني مال المطاحن كش بالحجم والا يتهيألي؟؟

Monday, January 02, 2006

بنات الرياض

  • one of those books you can't drop because you're too consumed in knowing what happens next
  • it's nothing special
  • just normal talk/7ash of what goes on in your typical girls gathering except it's in text
  • i understand the fascination and hype about this book; especially since a lot if not most people turn a blind eye to what really goes on in a normal girls life
  • although i found the writing of english words/phrases in arabic a bit annoying; it was actually kind of funny
  • it's entertaining and very easy to read; probably best read on a beach

P.S. bashoof il happy new year ana hathi shloon gayla!

Happy New Year anyways...