Sunday, February 26, 2006


it's like Desperate Housewives gone HIGH.. my god .. hilarious stuff! Mary-Louise Parker (main character) even snagged the Golden Globes away from the desperate housewives cast in the comedy leading actress category.. season 1 of Weeds is now on itunes .. can't wait for the 2nd season :>

Saturday, February 25, 2006

bday post

well it's about time to post a birthday post for myself, i've been celebrating for the past 3 days and going to end it tonight with dinner in a nice restaurant.. therefore,

a happy belated birthday to me

highlights: early bday calls .. surprise party .. bunny ears .. cheesecake .. glow sticks .. bubbly .. vintage .. 1996 .. goody bag .. x-rated .. no hassle .. 100cm .. love sac .. sheesha .. fire .. joy ride .. harry's .. another surprise .. calzones .. icy hot patch

absolute highlight: entire restaurant (patrons and staff) singing happy birthday

Sunday, February 19, 2006

stupid girls..

most of the girls i know complain one way or another about the drama they deal with from their friends whether it was jealousy, bitchiness, back-stabbing, and hmm... what else? nothing i guess .. the drama lies within these three categories only and rarely anything else.. so is there a correlation between being in an all-girl school and the amount of drama a girl faces in her life specially from her girl friends? even when they're done with school and all? are girls from all-girl schools prone to more drama and pain in the arse than lets say girls who were in co-ed schools or even home-schooled.. or is it that girls from co-ed schools don't give a damn about such things? oh and the title refers to P!nk's new single, the video is just hilarious .. check it out..

too cold to snow..

i went out today and it was -20°C.. it hasn't been this cold in three years.. may this freak cold wave pass as soon as possible..

Monday, February 13, 2006

act gay and get an oscar..

recently watching movies hasn't been a priority for me .. i still haven't figured out why .. it's either that tv shows are taking over or it's just the there aren't any good stuff out there worth a visit to the theater when it's literally 10 steps away .. plus animated kiddie stuff are taking over (gaag) i remember a few years ago i used to "اتحقرص" to get to watch a movie that's just been released in US theaters and feel accomplished when i'm able to get my hands on a pirated copy.. that was in the old days .. now i have to actually condition myself to go watch a movie .. not because i want to watch it .. but just to check out what's all this hype is about.. since i've been here i only saw 2 movies (brokeback mountain and memoirs of a geisha) .. they were both mediocre .. one of them actually sucked .. all that hype madre 3ala shino .. just cause 2 straight actors decided to go gay .. booooooring .. (and i think jake gelelelleesh is gay) oh and one of them got an oscar nomination.. these days the trend to get nominated is: 1) to act in a gay role, 2) go through an ugly transformation or 3) just show up naked and sometimes being black helps too.. oh and enough with the danish crap already .. GOD! it's enough that our prophet has been made fun of .. now we let idiots make fools out of us by staging fruitless and violent demonstrations that will only reinforce "the muslims are terrorist" stereotype!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

cigars are good for your health..

Back in April I raised a brow to Matisyahu without listening to his album (I have to say it was VH-1's "Best Week Ever" fault .. haha :P) that I did, I recommend it to anyone that likes reggae especially the "King Without a Crown" track

Watch the video

and listen to samples here

Saturday, February 04, 2006


the fugees are back! with their first single "take it easy"