Tuesday, March 28, 2006

emergency rooms..

Kuwait: 1. sick people show up with their entire family to the ER even if it was a case of flu thinking it's their last day alive 2. you have to fight your way through the crowd at the front desk to get a number to be seen by a doctor 3. they make you wait and if you're lucky no one will cut infront of you which rarely happens 4. so it's finally your turn to go in, when someone bleeding is rushed right infront you and you have to wait some more 5. now it's really your turn and you're sitting on the bed waiting for the attending doctor 6. the doctor shows up after an hour and tells the nurse to take blood samples and hook you on a drip and if he's in a really bad mood he'll give you a vomit inducing drink to puke your guts out 7. they're very busy so they send you off to the lab to get your blood test results 8. you go back to see the the doctor but end up waiting for another hour 9. you finally get a hold of him to look at your results 10. he signs you out with a prescription of adol London: 1. stand in line to take your turn to be seen by a doctor 2. you wait and take your mobile phone out to make someone know that you're at the ER 3. the receptionist reprimands you and tells you to shut your phone off 4. you wait some more then call you to the triage room 5. wait some more, meanwhile, you stare at the ceiling since quotes are plastered all over 6. after an excruciating wait, the doctor will see you 7. does 1st aid kind of stuff on you 8. he'll tell you to see a specialist if you don't feel better in 2-3 days 9. signs you out 10. there's no #10 US: 1. they'll immediately usher you to the triage room to know whats wrong with you while taking your blood pressure and temperature she'll fill out the required documents and makes you sign them 2. the nurse will wheel you to an examining room, give you a robe and asks you to lay down to wait for the doctor closes the curtain and leaves 3. the doctor shows up, examines you, says something to the nurse 4. blood and urine samples are taken and you're hooked to the drip and the nurse is pumping you with morphine 5. you dose off 6. wake up 7. you still feel the pain 8. more morphine 9. dose off 10. wake up 11. results are back, everything's fine 12. and just cause they love you they'll ultra-sound you just in case 13. 6 hours later they sign you out with a prescription for suppositories (ye3)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

por qué?

i don't usually turn my kuwaiti mobile on when i travel and out of all the times i turn it on i instantly get a call from my old work place! so tonight's song is match & daddy - pasame la botella i've been out since 6pm and now back home cause my friends decided to get a 2 hour power nap and continue with the rest of the night .. i doubt anyone will wake up although i don't mind continuing.. as if i hadn't had enough the past week and in the words of the great napoleon dynamite "GOD"

Monday, March 20, 2006


it's time to blog again.. i wasn't really busy i was just unmotivated to write anything.. nonetheless lots of stuff happened i can't remember them all .. but most importantly spring break happened.. i didn't spend this spring break on a beach like every other year but decided to do london again .. london is usually my thanksgiving break destination .. anyways i wanted to do the cultural thing, i even planned it but i'll be damned if i did anything cultural .. the partying just took over .. but for a change i did manage to go shopping for like 10 minutes and got me two pairs of heels that i won't have the time nor energy to wear till maybe when i get back to kuwait.. and what's up with kuwaitis and london this time of year .. is there a vacation in kuwait or something? it's unbelievable i was even told that people were on the waiting list to get back to kuwait.. the only few pictures that didn't involve people jumping in front of the camera (kind of)..

kind of cultural

that's it from me now..