Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birds of Gold..

there's this house in a certain area, that i happen to pass by a lot especially when i'm out walking in this fantaaabulous weather, the owners of the house have an outdoors garden that consists of little, perky, perfectly groomed green slopes. The slopes are adorned with what i assume are hand-painted ceramic model ducks or some kind of bird filled with gold coins .. these ducks are removed from the garden and taken inside the house everyday at 9:00 pm sharp, not a minute less and not a minute more .. and if the weather is bad forget you'll ever see the ducks out .. but all that is besides the point
are people really still under the impression that robbers and thieves don't start their rounds till after 9 pm? that thinking might have been viable in 1960 but for God's sake its 2007!