Monday, August 27, 2007

سكت دهرا و نطق كفرا

it took me the longest time to recognise, our years to be exact, that the US occupation of iraq as actually an invasion .. at first i thought it was a noble cause to free up the people of iraq well not really for me it was about getting rid of saddam hussain although historically he's not the rightful ruler of iraq either come to think of it what makes a rightful and an unrightful ruler of a country and does time make him rightful enough .. il mohim i discovered tariq ali this summer .. recommended by one of my professors .. his novels are insightful and very entertaining to read .. i only ventured out to one of his non-fictions .. not a big non-fiction fan .. i don't think i ever finished reading one non-fiction book i also discovered that one of my professors is a novelist .. a famous one too within the literary circles .. it's funny how she never mentioned it in class or even bragged about it though i think she's more than qualified to do so .. i guess she's missing a bragging gene and that tv news are the biggest exaggerators in this whole wide world khoosh? khoosh.. this year has been about discovering the middle-east been jet hopping from one place to the other .. made me proud to find such cool hip places very close to home .. though their numbers are not enough .. we neeeeeed moooooooore swam in the dead sea .. very freaky .. wouldn't recommend it .. will stick to kuwait's sea still abroad .. i can't explain my sudden urge to blog even though haven't done so in ages but i guess sleep deprivation does that